What is a Pre-Order set and when will it be available?

When Cobi announce a new model, we will add the page to our website. As soon as all essential details are released by Cobi (dimensions, price etc.) we will start accepting Pre-Orders. On the product page we will clearly write the Month this new set will be released by Cobi. If you Pre-Order it you will be one of first people to get your hands on a new Cobi mode, how exciting.

For models that are not new, but we have run out of stock and we know we will be getting more on our next delivery, we will continue accepting orders and the website will also count these as Pre-Orders.

You have quite a few sets on your website that have been out of stock for a while, are they ever coming back?

We do delete some sets which have been discontinued but last year we found quite a few 'discontinued' sets reappeared, albeit it briefly, so we decided to leave them there in case they make a unexpected come back! 

We now have a Discontinued sets section on our website so you can see which sets are being discontinued and unlikely to return.